mardi 30 novembre 2010

the end of Recoil Tour - final dates in Europe / La fin de la tournée Recoil , les dernières dates

Don’t miss the very last two shows of Recoil’s ‘Selected Events 2010′ tour coming up next weekend. We nearly missed a show ourselves on Monday when snow hit the roads hard and extended what should have been a quick drive from Berlin to Warsaw into a 14-hour marathon! Alan and the team eventually crawled in at 10pm, set up the gear without a soundcheck in front of a good-natured and expectant crowd, and then proceeded to perform immediately with (luckily) only a few minor hitches. We’re happy to say that those who braved minus 10 degrees to come out were rewarded & warmed by the end of the night, with everyone trudging home happily in the snow at around 3am.
In the light of this early Eastern European freeze, Recoil will be arriving in Bratislava & Budapest with plenty of time to spare in order to fulfil the very last two engagements, followed by a party in Prague to celebrate what has been a fantastic year presenting ‘A Strange Hour’ in all corners of the globe. There are still a few tickets available so try to make it along. In Bratislava, we will be joined by special guests The Autumnist – brainchild of Vlado Durajka.
Full details for both events as follows:
Date : 03.12.2010
City: Bratislava
Venue : Majestic Music Club
Address: Karpatská 2, Bratislava, Slovakia
Tickets : Buy Tickets
Date : 04.12.2010
City: Budapest
Venue : Szikra (ex Metro Mozi)
Address: 1066 Budapest, Teréz krt 62.
Phone: +36 1 7065127
Tickets : Buy Tickets

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